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Kim Kinjo Shipra Maurya
Ragaia Belovarac Kim Kinjo Shipra Maurya
Tess Montalvo Kat Sholan Sun  
Tess Montalvo Kat Sholan Sun  

The practitioners at Blue Sage Sanctuary are a group of gifted, well-trained individuals who hold a common philosophy and work ethic. They have come together with the intention of bringing more awareness and harmony to the lives of the individuals they work with. Each of them share a common background in Ayurvedic medicine. An important grounding principle of Ayurveda is the understanding of the Mind, Body, Spirit complex of all beings. Their approach to working with the Mind, Body, Spirit and its relationship to the environment are based on the 5 elements; ether, air, water, fire and earth. When the physical body is in harmony with nature, the emotional and spiritual aspects of the body will also reflect harmony.

A common thread that has brought the practitioners of Blue Sage Sanctuary together is the belief that the environment one works in is as important as the work one does. Each of them feels a synergistic relationship to the land and physical space at Blue Sage Sanctuary, a special connection to the Spa they share with their clients, and a harmonious flow with one another.

They each feel that by holding sacred space in a way that allows the mind to become quiet and the body to become still, an opportunity is created for individuals to experience the essence of their true nature. In this quiet place, one is able to access deeper places in the mind, body, spirit complex where true and profound healing can take place.

Each of the practitioners at Blue Sage Sanctuary has a deep love for humanity and feels that service and compassion are by nature, our true expressions.


The Core Team

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