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“RIGHT LIVING” – Healing through harmonious choices

At Blue Sage Ayurveda we are committed to creating expressions of art through applying "right living" practices and sustainable methods. It has become very fashionable in today's market place to speak of "sustainability", "green practices" and "fair trade". We believe that it is important to come to know what these terms mean and how they are actually showing up in the world in profound ways that actually do make a difference. We encourage you to do the research and discover under what working conditions the products that you purchase are made, where, and by whom.

The most empowering task that we can all do is educate ourselves as to what is happening in the "reality" that we are all co-creating everyday through our choices. One of the most powerful ways in which we exercise this power each day is how we "vote" with our dollars in the form of the products that we buy.

The health of the global community includes the entire planet. It is now possible to go into your average department store or grocery store and purchase products and food goods from anywhere on. Supporting companys with sustainable intentions and wholesome products is a large step forward in the day to day life of each of us as consumers in this current global economy. Each dollar you spend with a company makes a difference.

In your everyday selection of wholesome goods please consider goods made in your own communities domestically as well as those created in far off lands from around the globe. We are all ONE COMMUNITY in this global economy and very much dependant upon one another.

Today there are several companies making very strong strides in an effort to bring sustainable practices to the attention of the public at large. Please consider doing your part to educate yourself as to these practices and consider voting with your dollars in purchasing products produced through conscious and sustainable methods.

The Blue Sage Team would like to thank you for reading this and doing whatever you can each day to participate in the choices that can ultimately bring about healing and harmony in our world. Thank you, Namaste.

"Happiness is never decreased by being shared" - The Buddha