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The founding and grounding vision of Blue Sage Ayurveda

The founding principles of Blue Sage Ayurveda are that of integrating the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda in ways that create a world that is sustainable and harmonious for all beings.

Born of the vision of inspired living, meaning "in spirit" or in "present time", the founding principles of Blue Sage Ayurveda came into being.

Blue Sage Sanctuary is a place to "remember" and experience integration of the mind, body, spirit complex. This is accomplished by implementing the practices of meditation, constitutionally correct body therapies and right living practices.

This results in an expansion of consciousness that allows for the remembering of one's true nature as spirit.

At Blue Sage Ayurveda, we say "abide in the silence of your true nature", because it is in that silent space that you can experience your true self without the distractions of the ego. If proper time to balance and restore oneself is not taken, imbalances of the mind and body ultimately result.

Choosing to live in ways that are truly sustainable allows a graceful evolution to occur within the individual and hence the collective society.

Applying the principles of Ayurveda to the mind, the individual may find that allowing for time each day to create space for meditation brings forth a greater sense of well being and balance in daily life.

Applying the principles of Ayurveda to the body using special herbal oils maintains a supple and well nourished body. As a result the body relaxes and the spine becomes more flexible and the nervous system performs more optimally delivering an even flow of prana, energy, to the entire system. This will also provide the individual with a greater sense of well-being or "ease of being" in their body.

Applying the principles of Ayurveda to the spirit the individual may come to a place of self-inquiry where he or she may ask "who am I, and why am I here?" These are profound questions and often are the very catalysts that compel the individuals to embark on the spiritual journey to know themselves. Often this journey may lead one to a place of choosing to live in ways that are now referred to as "right living". This means, ways of living in the world that are of service to one another and are harmonious by nature.

Blue Sage Sanctuary is a place where one can, with the guidance of a practitioner, explore all of these aspects and go more deeply into an understanding of one's true nature as spirit and take that experience and integrate it into one's daily life.


The Vision